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Sloan-Swartz Centers for Theoretical Neurobiology Annual Summer Meeting 2006

Book of Abstracts (pdf)

July 22

Evening Arrival and Check-in.
5-7pm Reception (Low Library)

July 23

Invited Talk

Session 1: Spontaneous Activity Patterns

Invited Talk

Session 2: Early Visual Processing

Session 3: Large-Scale Activity

July 24

Invited Talk

9-10 Fred Wolf (Max Planck Institute, Göttingen)

Session 4: Neuronal Dynamics

Invited Talk

Session 6: Plasticity

3-3:30 Philip Sabes (UCSF)
Learning rules for sensory-motor adaptation

3:30-4 Surya Ganguli (UCSF)
Synaptic pattern formation in spiking networks

4-4:30 Break

4:30-5 Mitya Tsigankov (CSHL)
Wiring the brain - Sperry vs Hebb

5-5:20 Ingmar Riedel-Kruse (Caltech)
A Self-Organized Vortex Array of Hydrodynamically Entrained Sperm Cells

5:20-5:45 Joseph Snider (Salk)
Simulating arbor growth with puncta stabilization

5:45-6:10 Ruadhan O'Flanagan (Salk)
Spike timing dependent plasticity

7:00 Dinner and Concert at Smoke Jazz Club
Due to limited space, open to only six people from each Center

July 25

Invited Talk

Session 7: Circuits and Coding

10-10:30 David Cai (NYU)
Modeling cortical phenomena with a parsimoniously constructed model of the visual cortex

10:30-11 Break

11-11:30 Kanaka Rajan (Columbia)
Levels and Patterns of Background Activity and Maximal Stimulus Responses

11:30-12 Alexander (Sasha) Kraskov (Caltech)
Can we fool a neuron? Combining human single cell recordings and behavior

12-12:20 Sean Luo (Columbia)
Olfactory Coding in Flies

12:20-12:40 Tony Bell (Berkeley)
The brain considered as a single-layer network between neurons and synapses

12:40-2 Lunch Break

Invited Talk

Session 8: Attention, Context and Decisions